Who are we?

In 2012, we released Turkey's first web-based SaaS product, which enables current and inventory tracking, with CariStokTakip V.1. In those years, it was very difficult to introduce ourselves because internet technologies were not widespread enough and web-based software was out of the ordinary.

Until 2015, we have obtained many domestic and foreign happy users. These users had many requests, and we noted them very well. We developed its current version until 2018. Now the improvements are beyond the program base.

We drew. We designed it. After 2 years of research and development, we are with you under a new name and brand as of March 2021.

Our team is young, our brand is new, our product is modern but very experienced.

HesaPlus is among the software not only of today but also of the future!

Our past experiences have become our company policies today.


To be able to produce effective solutions to the needs of the age and changing customer needs, to our customers with our expert and reliable staff, to provide the highest quality and safe service, to increase the technology and production we use without leaving innovative and creative thinking.


To fulfill the requirements of the sector and to add innovations in line with national and international norms. To be an institution that adopts the principle of keeping customer satisfaction, loyalty and trust at the highest level.


To keep the service and product quality at the maximum level in the areas we operate. To make our customers, business partners and employees happy and to trust them. To maintain satisfaction and to comply with legal responsibilities.


Our most important values are our line, which gives importance to people and human values, ensures customer satisfaction without giving up on the principles of trust, sincerity and honesty, and aims at continuous development and change.

Not for today, but for the future.

Every business that does not renew itself renews its owner. Rediscover your business with HesaPlus.